Wholesale Market Program Guide

WAKI GO® Freeze Dried Products Wholesale Market Program is designed for B2B customers as distributors, wholesalers, resellers or retailers.

Our company look forward to have a close relationship all our customers and members, therefore, we will handle negotiations and personalized service where we can cover topics such as purchase orders, shipping, deliveries, prices, after-sales service, etc.

The Wholesale Market Program is currently only available to businesses located in the United States and Canada.


Our wholesalers are a very important part of us, therefore, we created a program with plenty of benefits such as:

-     Volume discount pricing

-     Access to new products launch

-     Free shipping

-     Free promotions and marketing material

-     Order history and more control of your orders

-     Make fast orders

-     Personalized customer service

-     Access to back orders

-     Pay with credit cards or PayPal and get credit card installment plans.


In order to start your application process to our Wholesale Market Program, you must apply in our Wholesale Application Form section so you can start the application process.



Once you have filled out this form, we will analyze your profile. If your application qualify we will send you an email with your login account credentials.

Congratulations, you will be joining the WAKI GO® Freeze Dried Products Team!


To login into your wholesale account, you must click here