Sales Partners Guide

How do I become a seller?

Follow these steps to become a WAKI GO® Authorized Sales Partner. 

    • Fulfill our application
    • Once the sales partner is authorized, discount codes will be enabled for both direct sales and subscription sales.
    • Authorized sales partners need to create an account at online store.

    I have a potential customer, how can I sell?

    We provide you three options to close sales. Remember is always important to provide your discount code. We will be able to track your orders and assigned customers.

        Order processed by the customer using coupons and discount codes.

            • When closing the sale, give the customer an authorized discount code.
            • Tell the customer to process the payment an introduce your code at the checkout.


            • Every customer order record will be tracked with the authorized sales partner code.

              Order processed by the seller using the online store.

                  • Login at with your account email and password.


                  • Process the products.
                  • Introduce your authorized seller discount code at checkout.


                  • At the end of the purchase, select BANK DEPOSIT and the order will be confirmed.


                  • The order will be displayed in ORDER HISTORY section.


                  • The seller will receive a confirmation e-mail which must be forwarded to the customer.
                  • The customer must click on the PAY NOW button that appears in the e-mail.


                  • The customer will be able to make the payments with the following options:
                  1. Paypal
                  2. Credit card (American Express, Visa or Master Card)
                  3. Bank Deposit / Wire Transfer

                  * In case of direct transfer / bank deposit, once the payment is done, please send us by email to with the proof of payment and order number. As soon as the payment is confirmed, we will ship the order to the customer.

                  • Once the payment is verified the ORDER HISTORY will be updated.


                  • Once the product is fulfilled the ORDER HISTORY will be updated.

                  • Tracking number will be notified to the seller once the order has been fulfilled.
                  • Tracking number must be shared with the customer for follow up.
                  • Every order status can be tracked using the following section:

                  Corporate and Special Sales.

                  What are commissions policies for WAKI GO® Sales Partners?

                  • WAKI GO Sales Partners, may earn 15% for every regular online sale.
                  • WAKI GO Sales Partners, may earn 10% for every monthly or bimonthly subscription sale.
                  • Sales commission cut-off date will be at the end of each month.
                  • Sales commission will be paid only for orders that meet 5 days of being satisfactorily delivered to the customer.